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STEM Education

Think, Learn, Design, Create and Innovate

Our training programs are carefully and scientifically designed to bring out the innovation and creativity through out-of-the-box approach while giving the child an opportunity to explore Science and Technology. These programs help students to understand science and mathematics concepts in a fun learning manner. Once the student understand the applications of the academic concepts, learning interest increases which further results in higher marks or grades in school academics.

Robotics Design and Assembly

Srisha Robotics Academy programs are unique in its content and knowledge. Scientific research has proven that once the student knows application of the concepts that he/she is learning, it fits in their memory permanently. Hence, Srisha Robotics Training programs are designed and mapped with the school academic curriculum to give the supreme learning edge to the students. Student’s innovation and creativity is given the utmost importance while teaching them robotics. Robotics knowledge enhances the Engineering abilities of the child in Electronics, Mechanical, IT Programming and Electrical as well.

We teach our children to THINK!

Robotics Lab for School

We setup state of the art robotics lab in school where children from 1st Std. to 10th Std. learn making various robotics machines, technologies, engineering and mathematics without any pressure. Our methodology is very simple. Give them the equipment, teach them the nuances and let them free.

Our expert Electronic and Mechanical Engineer Teachers are fully trained to hand hold and mentor the students. We become their friends instead of being their teachers. Our curricula is designed in such way that the student learn right from the basics and goes on to higher platform progressively.

After School Robotics Program

Schools are now taking initiatives to launch robotics program in their premises for the benefit of their students to learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Parents are also relieved due this welcome initiative from schools since they don’t have to bother about pick n drop at other locations and manage their office timings.

In the “After School Robotics Program” we bring our robotics kits along with our expert electronics engineer trainers and conduct the training program in regular manner as per the schedule.